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Creating a Watercolor Mixing Chart

I am so in love with watercolors. Have you seen all the incredible little water paint sets available at your local art store. My new favorite is Jane Davenport's Bright Watercolor set. It is so small, lightweights and filled with gorgeous colors. I have several students asking how to get started painting with watercolors so I made this video for you.

Ready to learn about mixing watercolors to create a color chart. Join me for this fun lesson with Jane Davenport's watercolor set and learn how you can use watercolors in with your doodles. This video will show you step-by-step how to get started.


It is so fun to mix colors and MAGICAL. When you use 6 colors, you can make 36 colors. And with 12 colors you can make 144 colors. (Isn't that AMAZING!)

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