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Can I Make Money Doodling?


I have a lot of students ask me if they can make money doodling. The answer is YES! There are so many ways to share your heart and talent with the world and make money as an artist and creative.

The first thing that happens to most Doodle Institute students is they start to see the benefits of doodling every day and how it impacts their lives.

Then the most exciting thing happens! Since they are sharing their doodles and progress on social media, people start to notice their amazing new skills. And then come the questions...

"Do you make illustrations?"

"Can you design a t-shirt?"

"Have you ever thought of making a coloring book?"

People start to see you and your amazing talent and they want to HIRE you! Yes, they want to pay you money for your incredible doodle skills.

And students who complete the DOODLE YOUR DREAMS Program have so many skills. 

Here are just a few ways YOU can use your doodle skills to make money:

- Create Infographics
- Graphic Recording
- Logo Design
- Illustration
- T-Shirts
- Mugs
- Posters
- eBooks
- Videos
- Stickers
- Notebooks
- Coloring Books
- Children's Books

This topic is going to be our focus for the month of March. Here's what you need to do to get all the good info:

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