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The Science Behind Your Doodles

benefits of doodling Jan 09, 2018

"People are always asking me about the "SCIENCE" behind doodling. I was recently asked if the students of the Doodle Institute would be interested in the following article. My reply was YES, they would! So, I am so happy to share this great article and infographic with you!"

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Diane Bleck, Founder of the Doodle Institute

written by: By Reuben Yonatan on December 11, 2018

It happens to most of us from time to time. It might be during a business meeting, a conference, or just while chatting on the phone. We doodle, we draw, we unconsciously create a picture that may be completely irrelevant to the task at hand.

While many may perceive doodling or drawing as an inane or pointless exercise, author and doodling evangelist Sunni Brown sees sketching as a way to improve comprehension and get the creative juices flowing. Research that dates back nearly a century backs up Brown’s claim that doodling, drawing and engaging in artistic activities is good for our memories, our mental health and improving job performance.

For example, a 2016 review of the available literature on doodling might actually reveal significant insights about the functioning of the subconscious mind, as well as aid one’s memory and recall performance. Further, there is no particular “type” of person who is prone to doodling. A master’s thesis survey this year of “Who Doodles and Why?” found that those employed in computer-related industries are as likely to doodle as someone who identifies with the arts.

You can draw your own conclusions.


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