Doodle Your Dreams Bootcamp

with Diane Bleck, Founder of the Doodle Institute


Doodle Your Dreams
with Diane Bleck

This 90 minute workshop is filled with step-by-step lessons that will BOOST your creativity, IGNITE your imagination & SUPERCHARGE your visual thinking skills!

The Power of Doodling is a step-by-step workshop designed to take you from not knowing what to draw to feeling confident in your ability to DRAW.

Imagine falling in love with the art of drawing again and all the excitement and accomplishment you feel at tapping into your creative mojo again. Waking up every day feeling inspired and excited to fill your sketchbook with your ideas, insights and inspiration.

This workshop will be the most memorable online workshop you have EVER attended. So grab your markers and save your spot for the next session.

I've have heard thousands of people say, "I can't draw." I believe you can and will show you how to draw anything and everything using basic shapes.

Here's what you will learn during this hands on workshop::

Make sure you have something to write with and something to write on. You can save buying the fancy markers and journals for later. For now just show up with what you've got.

Increase your confidence in drawing.

Boost your creativity & imagination.

Enhance your ability to bring your ideas to LIFE!

Doodling has been around forever. Just look at the cave walls and you will see that we, as people were meant to draw out our ideas.

Let's Draw, Doodle & Dream Together

Grab your best friend and get ready to have some fun in this FREE Masterclass. I have been asked for years to create a one hour online workshop that you could enjoy from your home with your family. So make sure you save your spot because this session fills up every weekend.

What People are saying:

"Doodling has not only been an outlet for my creativity, but also a necessary part of self care."

"My daughter and I love to make doodle handmade cards for our family."

""I've been creating doodle lessons for my kindergarten classroom. Diane has inspired me to invest in journals and markers for all my students."

"Doodling helps me organize my thoughts and relax."

"I used these doodle lessons to visualize the perfect job and I manifested the best job and boss ever."

"I use doodling to teach my grandkids simple ways to draw."

"I am a counselor and I used Diane's drawing lessons as a way to relax and be mindful."

"I'm now using doodles in my planner."

"I'm a mom and teacher of students with special needs. I love teaching kids to draw to express their feelings."

Hi Doodle Friends!

My name is Diane Bleck and I am the founder of the Doodle Institute. For the last 20 years, I have worked with over 500 businesses large and small to bring their ideas to life as a Graphic Facilitator. Yes, I get paid to doodle for Big Businesses. And when I am not working for my clients or loving on my family I love to teach people around world about the POWER of doodling!

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The Power of Doodling Bootcamp

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