Being a Channel for Creativity

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2017

I beleive that we live in two worlds - the Physical World & the Creative World. When you put pen to paper you weild your magic wand (the pen) to open the portal to the creative world. The creative world is always there and waiting for you to come and play. And it is filled with ideas that are just for YOU. I first accessed the creative world as child who loved to sew and make quilts.

I have been sewing since I was about 8 years old. And it has always been a meditative and quiet practice. I started making quilts for family and while I was working on the quilts I found myself sending blessings to that person. I slept with the quilts to fill them with love and energy. Inspiration filled my heart to make quilts to bless new babies, marriages and to honor dear loved ones. I began using these quilts in my formal morning meditation and yoga practice and loved the idea that I was supercharging them - blessing them for others.

So what do quilts have to do with Graphic Recording?

When I was first starting out as a Graphic Recorder, I noticed that not only was I capturing the words and ideas that were being shared in the room. I was also picking up on the energy of the room. I was a channel for ideas, insights and inspirations. Sensing what was being said and not said. Feeling when the room was charged with excitement or even tension and fear.

When the room was toxic, it would make me physically sick. I remember once incident where I had been drawing and a wave of dark energy came over me and I had to leave the room to regoup. I realized that I had to take extreme self-care of myself in order to be to channel ideas for others.

And so I decided to started traveling with small objects from home. I packed a quilt, a candle, a photo of my daughters. Slowly I started realizing the imporatace of creating Sacred Space no matter where I was. 

What is a Prayer Quilt?

So the quilts began calling to me in my dreams. I would wake up with an idea to make a quilt for someone. And this was not a quilt to match their sofa or bedroom. It was a quilt that matched the colors of their spirit. And could be used as a tool for meditation. Visions of color and texture and names of who they belong to would swirl around my heart. People often ask for a quilt and I found I can not make them in commission. I make them based on intuition. Colors dance and stories unfold as I quilt.

How do you make Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is whatever you want it to be. Start by lying down a piece of fabric - a pillow case, handkerchief or scarf. Then add a candle for light. And finally add little things that are important to you stones, feathers, photos, prayer beads, spirit cards or special trinkets. I have a quilt I use at home and smaller ones that I use when I travel. I call it my "journey bag". The most exciting part is when things find me that want to be added to the sacred space. A feather in the forest, a round stone at the lake or even a dalmation statue painted for me by my nephew, Tate. 

These quilts will out live my physical body. I have known that since I was a child. To quilt - is to leave a legacy.



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