Doodling is Thinking

(Infographic Published in The Huffington Post - November 1, 2016)

Although the word still causes much confusion, today the history of doodling is a lot clearer than it once was. Doodling, as we know, is a quick and limited drawing that looks to try and tap into the artistic talent of those who are involved. However, for too long may have viewed the art of doodling as nothing more than sketching or passing the time.  

However, doodling is far more of an art form or a skill than sitting drawing an image of an aircraft whilst in an important business meeting!

Indeed, doodling has a much richer history than the absent-minded definition that it receives today. Given that from our earliest moments we want to try and scribble down on something using an object, shows that we have a natural affinity for showing the creativity stored within our minds.

The Da Vinciluence 

What we call the “Da Vinciluence” on doodling is very marked and easy to tell. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most celebrated experts of all time, drawing everything from crazy his own crazy inventions to life drawings of the fetus within the womb of a woman. Over the years, the secret to unlocking his genius has come directly from looking at masses of his doodles.

When we sketch or doodle, we find ourselves in a place of heightened consciousness. You become more active, more capable and more productive. What was at one stage a brutally challenging image to try and conjure becomes easier. inventing something new, and being truly your own creation, is made easier when you are doodling – it’s what many of us know as being “in the zone” if you will.

Doodling Today

Thanks to people like da Vinci, we can see the immense power that doodling has on the end result of any product. 

Since people have noticed the immense correlation between creativity and artistic success with allowing the creative process to go through mass doodling, it’s not stopped. From the little inspirational Google puts on its homepage to mark major events, celebrations, and dates to the multitude of apps and games out there with doodling functions, it’s a major part of life today.

Doodling is all about being able to spot the limitations in your thoughts today, to help you find the right answer tomorrow. All good inventions and ideas have gone through extensive creative moderation, allowing for the most gifted people to make their ideas come to life.

Without a period of doodling, an idea cannot get through its own bumps and limitations. So, the next time that you try to work through an idea, pick up a pen and a pad – you might just find the perfect look through doodling.