How Does Color Speak to You?

color theory diane bleck Jan 27, 2020

 How does color speak to you? I still remember the day in October about 15 years ago when I stumbled into a bookstore in London. It was raining outside and I wanted to find a quiet place to wait for the storm to pass. I love walking the aisles of a bookstore in a new city.

I spent the morning with my art journal walking through the Victoria and Albert Museum. My heart and mind were filled with so many artistic images. I felt I would never be a true artist or make a mark on the world the way artists had left behind their masterpieces at the museum.

And then I stumbled on a book that would change my life. The book was on the topic of color.

I held the book close to my chest as walked the rest of the way to the tube. During my ride home I poured over the book and was in awe of all there was to learn about color. Color evoked emotions, it could tell a story all on its own. And that is the day that my art stopped trying to be someone else's art and began to be my very own. And learned to love and embrace my affection for COLOR!!


AQUA: Calming, Confidence, Refreshing

BLUE: Cleansing, Spacious, Accepting

PURPLE: Spiritual, Meditative, Protective

GREY: Independent, Self-Reliant, Separating

RED: Powerful, Warm, Courage

PINK: Soothing, Gentle, Kind

ORANGE: Secure, Creative, Uplifting

YELLOW: Happy, Light, Optimistic

How does color speak to you? Do you have a favorite color?