The Power of Visual Learning

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2020

 This past year I have seen a huge rise in what I call, "The Power of Visual Learning". Look at the the increased number of journals, iPads, Apple Pens, Planners, Video Software, Inforgraphics, Interactive Powerpoints and Whiteboard Videos being used in the workplace. You can now see elements of Visual Thinking almost everywhere!!

I have noticed that my customers not only want someone to come in and capture their ideas but they want training on how to incorporate innovation into their meetings, off-sites and big events. By changing the way individuals and teams meet, you can transform your corporate culture. Customers want to see their solutions, feel the story, transfer ideas, connect thoughts, record key lessons and engage in multiple learning styles.

Just hiring someone to come in and be creative is not enough - clients want to BE Innovative, Creative & Visual themselves!! And they are setting aside BIG budgets for this work.