The Ultimate Vision Journal

This is my favorite time of year to set intentions for the NEW YEAR! I love the quiet of the time between Christmas and the start of the New Year. A perfect time of year to put pen to paper to connect with the creative world and channel our heart's desire. When you quietly doodle, dream and discover - you can set magical intentions for the New Year.

In this activity you will:

  • Gather your favorite ART SUPPLIES
  • Set up a SACRED SPACE in your home to hold your intentions
  • Define your CORE VALUES of the year
  • Choose your WORD OF THE YEAR
  • Doodle your VISION BOARD

Ready to take the steps to create Your Ultimate Vision for the NEW YEAR!

STEP ONE: Gather Your Art Supplies

Let the fun begin. What tools speak to you. Do you have some markers, colored pencils, paints or chalk? Look through your home and find your favorite ART SUPPLIES. And make sure you grab the special stuff that you think you still need to "learn" how to use and just start playing. Clean off your desk or kitchen table. Make sure you put down some cardboard or a vinyl tablecloth. 

Note: You might also want to grab some paper towels or baby wipes because this could get messy. 


STEP TWO: Set a Sacred Space

Start by placing a piece of cloth. This could be a scarf, a pillowcase, quilt or your grandmother's handkerchief. Next, add some elements to your sacred space like a candle, feather, stones, incense, prayer beads, favorite totems or objects that have meaning. 

STEP THREE: Define Your Core Values

Print out the Core Values exercise. Read through the list begin to highlight at least 20 words that resonate with you. Narrow that list down until you have identified a Word of the Year and Top 5 Core Values.


STEP FOUR: Choose Your Word of the Year

Draw in your journal a title page for the year. The next page will be for your Word of the Year followed by your Top 5 Core Values. As you are creating these first pages in your book notice the visuals that come up for you. 


STEP FIVE: Doodle Your Vision Board

You are now ready to create a simple visual reminder that represents your energy and intention for this New Year. I encourage you to sketch and draw this vision in your journal. If it feels right, make a larger version of your Vision that you can frame and keep in a special spot in your home. 

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