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Understanding The Power of Creativity

I truly believe that when you put pen to paper, you open your heart channel for ideas, insights, and inspirations.  We live in two worlds. There is the physical world and the creative world. And when you use your pen to capture your ideas it becomes your magic wand for accessing the universal download.

You might be in a place where you have not been creative in a very long time. Or you might feel like you have lost your creative mojo. You could be a new student of the Doodle Institute and you have started to doodle every day and you are seeing the power of what happens with you practice the daily discipline of drawing every day.

Drawing every day does not have to be something super fancy. You can simply draw your name or draw a heart on a post-it note and stick in your loved one's lunch box. When you do this simple act of doodling, something starts to happen inside of you. There is a shift.  And suddenly you will find that you have more creative ideas for work, ideas about how to organize your home, ideas about your childhood dreams that you might have abandoned or forgotten about in your life. Bursts of fun ideas of how you want to take better care of yourself and your family’s health.


There are so many dreams and visions that are waiting in the creative world for you to come and discover them.

Take a moment and think about all the artists in our history. How do they access their creative ideas? Musicians write their music. Poets write down their stories and poems. Artists first sketch their masterpiece. They all take the time to connect pen to paper and travel through time and space to the creative world to access the creative download that is there waiting for them.

And the creative world is so patient. It will not chase you down. It will not send you an alert on your phone. It is up to you to find the time and space and grace to take a moment and put pen to paper.