What are the hats that you wear?

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2020

As a Visual Facilitator, I am always asked for ways to make events and off-sites more fun. This week I released a 65 page AGENDA DESIGN BOOK to all the new VISUAL FACILITATION TRAINING PROGRAM students. It is filled with activities for individuals, partners, small teams and large group discussions.

Looking for a 15 minute team building activity or event energizer? I love this exercise for adults and kids. What are some of the hats you wear throughout the day? 

Instructions: Take a moment and think about all the roles you play throughout the day. Make a list of at least six key activities, draw a hat for each.

Set Up: Bring paper and markers for your participants to share. Give the group a few minutes to work individually. Invite everyone to share with the  person to their right and left.

Outcome: Take a moment to pause and celebrate all the things you juggle everyday. Connect with your classmates and team on a personal level. -
When you take the time to do little activities like this you will be more innovative, creative and productive at work.

So are you ready? Grab your markers and some paper and let's draw together.