21 Doodle Days

Fun Doodle Course for Adults

Building Courses, Community & Careers for the Modern Visual Thinker

Diane Bleck is on a mission to unlock creativity at home, school and work. For the past 20 years she has been teaching people how to doodle to create learning solutions for companies large and small. 

Recently she was invited to teach a doodle course in her daughter's 7th Grade classroom. This has become a yearly tradition for her family. At the end of the class, a student raised their hand and said, "I wish you come into our classroom every day to teach us."

And so Diane got an idea to build a course that was designed for just that. A series of videos where she could teach doodling in schools and homes around the world.

After decades of hearing, “I don’t know what to draw or I wish I had a tool to get me started.” Now you do!

When you put Pen to Paper, MAGIC HAPPENS!

Your 4th grade teacher might’ve told you not to doodle... But now scientists are saying it is good for our brains.