Unlock Your Creativity
at Home, School & Work

The Doodle Institute is a series of online courses that are all self-paced and designed to inspire you to put pen to paper and DOODLE YOUR DREAMS. Doodling is a powerful tool for critical thinking, problem solving and planning. And the world needs more creative thinkers. We are dedicated to building courses, community and careers for people like YOU!
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"Your 4th grade teacher may have told you not to doodle,
but now people like YOU are learning about the power of visual thinking."

The Doodle Institute is proud to be named among the Top 50 Most Inspiring Online Courses for Creativity! 

The Doodle Institute was recently featured in the new book called, “YOU, Inc.” which highlights Diane Bleck as one of the most successful case studies of Knowledge Entrepreneurs (people who turn their passion into a career and then share their knowledge with others).

“Diane is breaking new ground in online learning by creating a remarkable program that blends creativity and business skills that are needed to succeed in the Modern Information Age. We need more Visual Thinkers!”

These Courses will totally transform your life and your career! The DOODLE INSTITUTE is a collection of 150+ video lessons from Diane's 20-year career as a pioneer in the Graphic Facilitation industry.

"You can use the power of doodling, visual thinking and graphic recording to transform your life’s work." 

This program is perfect for people who want to DISCOVER and IGNITE their own CREATIVITY!


A Collection of Six Online Courses:

  • 21 Doodle Days: Learn to doodle in 21 easy to follow lessons to teach you how to draw. 
  • Sketchbook Basics: Welcome to the World of Doodling. Let's Draw!
  • You Can Doodle: A playful course for developing your own Visual
  • Electronic Doodles: A simple course for drawing on your iPad and ideas for creating your own products.
  • Spirit of Doodles: An enlightening course for embracing your
    creative heart & talent.
  • Business of Doodles: Create the foundation of what you need to launch your career!


During the courses you will:

  • ENGAGE in a new way of learning
  • BOOST Your Creativity
  • ENHANCE Your Ability to Simplify Complex Concepts
  • INCREASE Idea Generation
  • ACCELERATE Understanding
  • EXPAND Your Toolkit of Products
  • CONNECT your heart and mind to your insights, inspirations and intentions

Upon completion of all the courses, you will be able to:

  • DRAW  basic shapes, simple icons and people.

  • CREATE simple, colorful and dynamic diagrams.

  • BUILD roadmaps and flow charts designed for ideation.

  • DISCOVER the ways to use doodling for self-care and how to use doodling for health and healing.

  • EXPLORE tools you can use to build your doodle toolkit.

  • UNDERSTAND how to share your doodles online.

  • DEVELOP your doodles into illustrations and infographics.

  • DEFINE the boundaries needed for your creative container.

  • DIVE into extreme self-care of your mind, body and spirit.

  • CREATE rituals to help you ride the waves of creativity.

  • FIND out ways you can grow your business.  

  • DRAW out a blueprint for the next version of YOU!


21 Doodle Days

$47.00 USD

Learn to doodle in 21 easy to follow lessons to teach you how to draw. From basic shapes to lines, patterns and bulle...

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Sketchbook Basics

$47.00 USD

Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you apply doodling from early childhood, elementary an...

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You Can Doodle

$47.00 USD

You will build on the basics of doodling to understand more about the history of drawing. Once you know the history, ...

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Spirit of Doodles

$97.00 USD

As a creative person, you are also probably sensitive to the energy in the environment around you. This course i...

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Digital Doodles

$97.00 USD

This course is all about how to make your original drawings sparkle. And we will explore all the ways you can do...

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Business of Doodles

$197.00 USD

You are now ready to take the steps to building a career as a Graphic Recorder. During this course you will create a ...

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We have heard thousands of people say, “I can’t draw.”
We believe you can, and we'll show you how.

Life coaches, business consultants, students, parents, teachers, therapists and thought leaders are all learning about the POWER of DOODLING. 

You are what you think, and doodling is a mindset.

When you doodle everyday, MAGIC HAPPENS! Doodling helps you LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL and ENTER THE CREATIVE WORLD, where there are so many ideas just waiting to be explored.
Doodling helps you CONNECT THE DOTS and SOLVE PROBLEMS. And the best part is, you OPEN YOUR HEART and discover your CREATIVE SPIRIT so you can think BIG IDEAS!


Join the Doodle YOUR DREAMS Program
and have immediate access to ALL SIX Courses!

Start your new adventure today and discover the MAGIC of your markers. Join the DOODLE YOUR DREAMS Program and you will have immediate access to all six courses filled with creative exercises, printable PDFs and so much more.



"Diane... a strong supporter and motivator to everything human. 👍👍👍"

- - - - - - 

"This is a great program with great resources.  Diane is a generous and skilled teacher who will get you past your limiting beliefs about being able to draw."

- - - - - - 

"Thank you so much, Diane! You and the Doodle Friends gave me that extra kick to be braver and more fearless than I've ever been. Much much thanks and gratitude!"

- - - - - - 

"Hola Diane, quiero felicitar por impartir tus conocimientos y experiencias,  mujeres como tù valen y mucho...espero tener la oportunidad de tambièn compartir lo màs sublime de este mundo visual. Abrazos a la distancia."

- - - - - - 

"Beautiful... I love your work. Keep on going and make the world a more colourful place. Keep sharing your heart with the world."

- - - - - - 

"Diane, your dedication, passion and drive with this work is amazing. You really have continued to propel the visual industry forward. I'm honored to share this journey with you. You are also an amazing mom! Keep shining your light.


Below are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you will sign up and join us. This program will surprise you at how much it transforms your life!

When does the Doodle Institute open again?
We open the Doodle Institute twice a year (in September & January).You will have immediate access to self-paced courses once you sign up.

How long does the course take to finish?
All the videos will be available to you right away. You can watch all the videos in a day or you can watch a video a day to really build your skills over time.

Who is the Doodle Institute designed for for?
The Doodle Institute was created for Educators, Facilitators & Trainers. From infancy to industry, doodling has practical and powerful applications. Across the globe, people from all walks of life are doodling to help them communicate – to give visual representation and meaning to their ideas and to help others.

What if I'm not an artist?
Graphic Recording is about ideas not art. Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply these skills to your career.

What are the online courses like?
Each course has a series of videos and doodle lessons that include .pdf downloadable worksheet you can use to doodle along. Each video lesson is about 3-5 minutes long.

Can I download the worksheets?
Yes, you will find the worksheets in each section of your courses. These are a perfect tools to support you as you go through the course.

Is there a Facebook Group?
Yes, once you sign up you will be invited to join the Doodle Girl & Friends Facebook Community to connect with other students of the Doodle Institute. Make sure you introduce yourself and let us know that you are new so we can welcome you!

Creativity is not about ART, it's about IDEAS!

Neuland Markers

"When you put pen to paper, you open your heart channel to ideas, insights and inspiration to access the magic language of the universe. Your pen is your magic wand! That's why Diane always recommends Neuland Markers. They come in so many brilliant colors and different sizes, they are non-toxic, refillable and reusable. They truly are the BEST!"

Diane's Choice Kit Contents:

  • 2 Neuland No.One® Outliner, round nib, 2.5 mm
  • 2 fineOne by Neuland® Outliner, round nib, 1 mm
  • 1 Neuland RefillOne Ink Outliner, permanent
  • 1 Neuland No.One® ArtMarker, brush nib, 0.5-7mm - 13 Color Set A6
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Discovery Doodles: The Complete Series

Unlocking Your Creativity from Infancy to Industry

In this workbook, you will discover the wonderful world of doodling. We created this series to guide you through the basics of how to draw. We have heard thousands of people say, “I can’t draw.” You CAN. We believe you can and we will show you how. Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply it from early childhood, elementary and secondary school and well into your adult life. From infancy to industry, doodling has practical and powerful applications. Across the globe, people from all walks of life are doodling to help them communicate – to give visual representation and meaning to their ideas, and to help others.

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Doodling is Thinking: 21 Doodle Days

A Visual Learning Workbook for Teachers, Parents & Kids

Diane Bleck is on a mission to unlock creativity at home, school and work. For the past 20 years she has been teaching people how to doodle to create learning solutions for companies large and small. Recently she was invited to teach a doodle course in her daughter's 7th Grade classroom. This has become a yearly tradition for her family. At the end of the class, a student raised their hand and said, "I wish you come into our classroom every day to teach us." And so Diane got an idea to build a workbook that was designed for just that. A series of lessons where she could teach doodling in schools and homes around the world.

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Rainbow Dreams Carry-All Pouch

Organize your life with our Carry-All Pouches - perfect for toiletries, art supplies, makeup and smaller electronics. Pouches are available in three sizes, with the large able to fit an iPad.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Also available in set of 3, which includes all sizes
  • Durable, canvas-like exterior
  • Soft 50/50 poly-cotton black interior lining
  • Faux leather pull tab
  • Machine washable
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My Spirit Animals

Daily Inspiration Cards

These daily inspiration cards are designed to be enjoyed with your entire family. Close your eyes, center yourself, and then choose a card. What is the message from your spirit animal today? 

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