About Diane Bleck

Diane is an Artist, Author, Speaker and Founder of the Doodle Institute. She has spent the last 20 years of her career supporting over 350 clients including Nike, Google,TED and Disney bring their Big Ideas to Life. She created the Doodle Institute to teach share her passion with thousands of people around the world how to embrace the power of doodling. 

"I'm on a mission to UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY at Home, School & Work. I believe when you put pen to paper, you open your heart channel to ideas, insights and inspirations."

If you’ve been keeping a journal, draw in your bullet journal or planner, love to draw or did draw as a kid...this may be the most crazy good course you've ever signed up for online. You will learn the basics, how to make your own products and videos and even how to build your own creative business.

And... just so you know, her enthusiasm for this work is contagious. Once you start doodling with Diane... MAGIC HAPPENS!

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Student Testimonials

"Diane... a strong supporter and motivator to everything human. 👍👍👍"

- - - - - - 

"This is a great program with great resources.  Diane is a generous and skilled teacher who will get you past your limiting beliefs about being able to draw."

- - - - - - 

"Thank you so much, Diane! You and the Doodle Friends gave me that extra kick to be braver and more fearless than I've ever been. Much much thanks and gratitude!"

- - - - - - 

"Hola Diane, quiero felicitar por impartir tus conocimientos y experiencias,  mujeres como tù valen y mucho...espero tener la oportunidad de tambièn compartir lo màs sublime de este mundo visual. Abrazos a la distancia."

- - - - - - 

"Beautiful... I love your work. Keep on going and make the world a more colourful place. Keep sharing your heart with the world."

- - - - - - 

"Diane, your dedication, passion and drive with this work is amazing. You really have continued to propel the visual industry forward. I'm honored to share this journey with you. You are also an amazing mom! Keep shining your light."

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Doodle Your Dreams Program start?
You will have immediate access to this self-paced course once you sign up.

How long does the program take to finish?
All the videos will be available to you right away. You can watch all the videos in a day or you can watch a video a day to really build your skills over time.

Who is the Doodle Your Dreams Program for?
The Doodle Your Dreams Program was created for Teachers, Parents & Kids. From infancy to industry, doodling has practical and powerful applications. Mathematicians and scientists use doodles to explain complex theories and equations. Business people use doodles to map business plans and strategies. Across the globe, people from all walks of life are doodling to help them communicate – to give visual representation and meaning to their ideas and to help others.

What if I'm not an artist?
Doodling is about ideas not art. Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply it from early childhood, elementary and secondary school and well into your adult life. 

What are the Doodle Your Dreams online courses like?
There are 18-24 video lessons for each course that include .pdf downloadable worksheet you can use to doodle along. Each video lesson is about 3-5 minutes long.

Can I download the workbooks?
Yes, you will find the several workbook in the "WELCOME" section of your course. This is a perfect tool to support you as you go through the course.

Can I share these lessons with my students and co-workers?
Yes, you can become an affiliate for the Doodle Institute and share your passion for doodling with your friends, family and even co-workers. We would love for you to join our Doodle Institute Affiliate Program.

Is there a Private Community Group?
Yes, you will be invited to join the Doodle Girl & Friends Private Community to connect with other students of the Doodle Institute. Make sure you introduce yourself and let us know who you are and where you are from.

Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can. Please send us an email to support@doodleinstitute.com if you have any changes you need to make with your membership status.