Open for Registration December 1-15, 2016

The Doodle Institute offers over 100 Videos & 40+ Creative Exercises with over 2,200 students enrolled from around the World!


Course 100: 21DoodleDays

Effective Learning Strategies for Teachers, Parents & Kids.  Diane Bleck is on a mission to unlock creati...


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Course 101: Sketchbook Basics

  A delightful course for unlocking your creativity at home, school & work. Discover the wonderful world o...

$27.00 USD

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Course 102: You Can Doodle

A playful course for developing your own personal doodle style. You will build on the basics of doodling to understa...

$47.00 USD

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Course 200: Electronic Doodles

  A simple course for navigating and incorporating technology. Now that you are feeling confident about doodli...

$97.00 USD

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Course 201: Spirit of Doodles

An enlightening course for embracing your creative spirit. When you connect Pen to Paper you open your heart chann...

$127.00 USD

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Course 202: Business of Doodles

An essential course for building a successful business as a Graphic Recorder. Ready to start developing a business...

$197.00 USD

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Course 300: Doodle For Dollars

When you become a Graphic Recorder, you have the power to change the way your clients experience meetings.  Thi...

$497.00 USD

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Course 301: Global Doodle Network

Finished all your courses? Now you are ready to join the Global Doodle Network. A community of Doodle Insitute&n...

$197.00 USD

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Course 302: Private Coaching

Want to really get a lot out of the Doodle Institute? Sign up for Private Coaching with Diane Bleck.  You will ...

$297.00 USD

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Join Diane Bleck for access to 5 Online Courses Designed to Unlock Your Creativity at Home, School & Work D...

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Why Doodling Every Day Can Transform Your Life


Self-discipline is an important skill to build everyday.

Muscle Memory

Doodling is a skill you need to practice, practice, practice.

Peaceful Pause

Doodling provides the opportunity to create a sacred space and time that is just for you!

Creative Energy

When you do this practice regularly you tap into your creative energy.

Connecting Mind, Heart & Hand

In this sacred space, you are connecting your heart, mind and hand.

Universal Download

When you take the time to do your daily doodle, you are accessing the Universal Download.