21 Doodle Days

Learn to doodle in 21 easy-to-follow lessons which teach you how to draw. From basic shapes to lines, patterns, and bullets. Bring your ideas to life!

This course includes a series of online videos with printable worksheets to guide you step-by-step through the course and begin to unlock your creativity. Once you master these basic doodle lessons you will start to see all the creative ways you can use doodling at Home, School & Work.

Upon completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:
• Understand the basics of drawing
• Increase your confidence in your ability to doodle
• Acquire a visual vocabulary
• Tap their hidden pool of creativity
• Use visual tools to create richer learning
• Add meaning to your notes

• Engage in a new way of learning
• Boost Your Creativity
• Enhance Your Ability to Simplify Complex Concepts
• Increase Idea Generation
• Accelerate Understanding
• Expand Your Toolkit of Products and Services
• Connect your heart and mind to your insights, inspirations and intentions

Here is what is included in the course:

  • 21 Video Lessons (less than 5 minutes each!)
  • 21 Doodle Days Printable Lessons
  • Printable 21 Doodle Days Visual Learning Workbook
  • 5 Articles about the Power of Visual Learning 

SPECIAL BONUS: Printable Mini Doodle Lesson Cards