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Learn to Doodle: Doodle to Learn

Children and adults (parents and teachers/educators) can get together to draw and doodle together to have fun, learn, solve problems and share ideas. When in doubt…draw it out!

Doodling and visual thinking strategies are being used all over the world to clarify ideas and see solutions. The one area where we think that a real doodle intervention is necessary is in the field of education, in schools and at homes where children already keen to doodle, can be taught to draw out their ideas to have fun, learn, solve problems and share ideas. Doodling can be used as an effective communication and teaching tool by the teacher and a parent who homeschools their kids. When you visualize concepts and ideas, they become so much more clearer than solely relying on text. Children take naturally to visuals-so let’s make the most of this and learn to doodle: doodle to learn.


During this course you will:

- Understand that doodling is for everyone and can serve a useful purpose
- Unlock creativity by doodling
- Use doodling to learn, solve problems and share ideas