The Power of Doodling
with Diane Bleck

"I help people like you UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY at Home, School & Work."

Are you ready to discover the wonderful world of doodling? We created these courses to guide you through the basics of how to draw.

We have heard thousands of people say, “I can’t draw.”

You CAN.

We believe you can and we will show you how. Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply it from early childhood, elementary and secondary school and well into your adult life.

From infancy to industry, doodling has practical and powerful applications. Mathematicians and scientists use doodles to explain complex theories and equations. Business people use doodles to map business plans and strategies.

Across the globe, people from all walks of life are doodling to help them communicate

The Doodle Institute is proud to be named among the Top 10 Most Inspiring Online Courses for Creativity!

Diane Bleck was recently featured in the new book called, “YOU, Inc.” which highlights The Doodle Institute as one of the most successful case studies of Knowledge Entrepreneurs (people who turn their passion into a career and then share their knowledge with others).

“Diane is breaking new ground in online learning by creating a remarkable program that blends creativity and business skills that are needed to succeed in the Modern Information Age. We need more Creative Thinkers!”

Our courses are perfect for people who want to DISCOVER & IGNITE their CREATIVITY!

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Learn to doodle in 21 easy to follow lessons to teach you how to draw. From basic shapes to lines, patterns and bullets. Bring your ideas to life.  

This course includes a series of online videos with printable worksheets to guide you step-by-step through the course and begin to unlock your creativity.