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The Doodle Girl & Friends Clubhouse

Doodle Girl & Friends is a community of Educators, Trainers, Faciltators and Parents who are sharing, discovering and understanding the world around them through the power of doodling.

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Activities & Workshops

Sharing lots of fun ways you can apply doodling to Home, School & Work. 

Private Community

Connecting you with others who share your passion for DOODLING!

Expert Interviews

Interact with Thought Leaders who are embracing the Power of Visual Learning.

The Doodle Girl's Mission

Almost everyone knows how to doodle or what doodling is? Did you know that doodling can be applied to everything from early childhood, to maps and models, math and science, business and technology as well as exploring your inner most hopes and dreams. If you’re like most people, you think you draw like a five year old. Probably because the last time you drew you were five. The DG&F Clubhouse designed to create a safe space for you practice drawing, provide you with lots of inspiration and share fun tips, tools and techniques for applying your passion for doodling to transform how we WORK, EDUCATE, CARE & INTERACT with world around us. 

Why YOU Should Doodle EVERYDAY?

• Engage in a new way of learning
• Boost Your Creativity
• Simplify Complex Concepts
• Increase Idea Generation
• Accelerate Understanding
• Expand Your Toolkit 
• Connect Your Heart and Mind 

Doodle Girl & Friends Clubhouse

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