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Dedicated to building courses, community and careers for visual thinkers around the world.


Why Learn To Doodle?

Boost Your

Doodling has the power to IGNITE your Imagination. If you are looking for a new outlet that teaches you more than drawing pretty pictures...this is the program for you.

Unlock Your

You will learn the BASICS of how to draw...and you will learn how to make Art Journal Pages...and you will learn how to draw on you iPad ... AND SO MUCH MORE!!

Surpercharge Your
Visual Thinking

Our step-by-step lessons are designed to quickly transform you into a confident doodler & visual thinker in just a few short lessons.

As a member of DOODLE FRIENDS, you will be invited to join our AMAZING monthly workshops, zoom calls and MORE!

As a member of DOODLE FRIENDS, you will be invited to join our AMAZING monthly workshops, zoom calls and MORE! Our monthly workshops with Diane Bleck are designed to BOOST your confidence, BUILD your skills and SUPERCHARGE your visual thinking!

During the workshops we will...

✏️ Practice doodling with fun prompts 

✏️ Increase your confidence in drawing

✏️ Engage with other Doodle Friends

✏️ Boost your creativity & imagination

✏️ Draw & watercolor in your Art Journal

✏️ Practice on your iPads

✏️ And learn how to make money with your doodles!

At the beginning of each month a calendar of workshops will be shared with dates and times so you can mark your calendar to attend!

Meet Diane Bleck, The Doodle Girl

Diane is an Artist, Author, Speaker and Founder of the Doodle Institute. She has spent the last 20 years of her career supporting over 350 corporate clients including Nike, Google, TED and Disney, to bring their Big Ideas to Life. She created the Doodle Institute to teach and share her passion with thousands of people around the world, showing them how to embrace the POWER of DOODLING. 

If you’ve keep a journal, draw in your bullet journal or planner, love to draw or did as a kid... this may be the most crazy good course you've ever signed up for online! 

And... just so you know, Diane Bleck's enthusiasm for this work is totally contagious. Once you start doodling with Diane... MAGIC HAPPENS!


Get ready to learn about the POWER of DOODLING and how to BOOST your creativity, IGNITE your imagination & SUPERCHARGE your visual thinking skills!



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