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The Doodle Institute with Diane Bleck

Learn to how to UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY through the power of doodling! Build your skills with these 21 easy to follow lessons to teach you use basic shapes, lines, arrows and patterns to bring your ideas to life.

7 Ways Doodling Can Transform Your Life

#1 Discipline - Self-discipline is an important skill, one that drawing on a daily basis can help build. 

#2 Build Your Muscle Memory - Doodling is a skill and, like other skills, you need to practice, practice, practice. 

#3 Peaceful Pause - Doodling provides the opportunity to create a sacred time and space for YOU. 

#4  Tap into Your Creative Energy - When you do this practice regularly you access these creative regions of your brain. 

#5 Connecting Mind, Heart & Hand - Putting pen to paper is a way for us to use physical tools from a physical world (a pen) to connect with the creative world (our heart). 

#6 Access the Universal Download - We live in a physical world but when we put pen to paper and allow our imaginations to soar we are accessing the creative world. 

#7 Bring Joy to Yourself and Others - Doodling is fun! Spending time each day to doodle can lift your spirits and bring you joy. You will be amazed at the impact your doodles have on others.

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I've heard thousands of people say, “I can’t draw.”

I believe you can and will share with you step-by-step lessons that will build your skills and confidence doodling. Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply it from early childhood, elementary and secondary school and well into your adult life.

Discover the World of Doodling

From infancy to industry, doodling has practical and powerful applications. Across the globe, people from all walks of life are doodling to help them communicate – to give visual representation and meaning to their ideas and to help others.

During this program you will:

  • LEARN the basics of drawing shapes, people and color.
  • CREATE simple, colorful borders.
  • BUILD on your writing skills.
  • DISCOVER the power of arrows.
  • DEVELOP your ability to draw banners, signs and thought bubbles.
  • DRAW people with expressions and personality.
  • CREATE a practice of drawing everyday.

Powerful Mind of a Doodler

The Doodle Institute is one of the only learning environments that encourages our students to UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF CREATIVITY through the practice of...DOODLING. We believe when you put pen to paper, you open your heart channel to new ideas, insights and inspirations.

The Doodle Your Dreams Program

By going through all Doodle Institute courses, students will discover the MAGIC of combining their heart, mind and hand to build a unique set of skills that will UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY and transform the way you think about DOODLING.

21 Doodle Days

Yes, I want to learn to Doodle in 21 Days.  Learn to doodle in 21 easy to follow lessons to teach you how ...


Sketchbook Basics

Discover the wonderful world of doodling. We created this as the first course in the DOODLE YOUR DREAMS Program ...

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You Can Doodle

You will build on the basics of doodling to understand more about the history of drawing. Once you know the history, ...

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Spirit of Doodles

 When you connect Pen to Paper you open your heart channel. How do you maintain your creative spirit when workin...

Learn More

Electronic Doodles

Now that you are feeling confident about doodling, let’s look at all the ways you can doodle for home, school o...

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Business of Doodles

Ready to start developing a business model around your doodles. But where do you start? What is your plan? How big do...

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Diane Bleck is a speaker on CREATIVTY & INNOVATION. She has been working with businesses large and small for the past 20 years to BRING IDEAS TO LIFE. She built the Doodle Institute to share her experience and CREATIVE HEART with YOU!

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DAY 00 - Warm-Up

Are you ready to get started? First I just want you to draw a never ending squiggly line. And then take your marker and color in all the space.


DAY 01 - Lines

When you put pen to paper, you open your heart channel to ideas, insights and inspiration. I have heard thousands of people say, "I can't draw!" You CAN! Follow the #21DoodleDays challenge.


Day 02 - Basic Shapes

It's time start doodling. We start by drawing the basic shapes. Next, let's add some color and my favorite - the drop shadow.


Day 03 - Mixing Shapes

Now for the FUN! Once you know the basic shapes, you can draw ANYTHING! All you have to do is mix the shapes together.


Is the Doodle Institute right for YOU?

Your big ideas, wild imagination, and uncompromising creativity makes you an invaluable asset to big business all around the world.

Student Testimonials

 Frequently Asked Questions

From the classroom to the boardroom, doodling has practical and powerful applications.

When does the Doodle Institute courses start?
You will have immediate access to this self-paced course once you sign up.

How long does the course take to finish?
All the videos will be available to you right away. You can watch all the videos in a day or you can watch a video a day to really build your skills over time.

Who is the Doodle Institute Fore?
The Doodle Institute  was created for Trainers, Educators, Parents & Kids. From infancy to industry, doodling has practical and powerful applications. Mathematicians and scientists use doodles to explain complex theories and equations. Business people use doodles to map business plans and strategies. Across the globe, people from all walks of life are doodling to help them communicate – to give visual representation and meaning to their ideas and to help others.

What if I'm not an artist?
Doodling is about ideas not art. Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply it from early childhood, elementary and secondary school and well into your adult life. 

What are the Doodle Institute online courses like?
Each course contains a series of  lessons that include .pdf downloadable worksheet you can use to doodle along. Each video lesson is about 3-5 minutes long.

Can I download the activities?
Yes, you will find the activity worksheets in each section of your course. This is a perfect tool to support you as you go through the course.

Can I share these lessons with my students and co-workers?
Yes, you can. We would love for you share these daily doodle lessons with others and when you share on social mead, please add the #Doodle Institute hashtag.

Is there a Facebook Group?
Yes, you will be invited to join the Doodle Girl & Friends Facebook Community to connect with other students of the Doodle Institute. Make sure you introduce yourself and let us know that you are NEW!


When you join the Doodle Institute you instantly become part of the the "Doodle Girl & Friends" Family! Diane Bleck cares and connects with each of her students, review their portfolios, offering private 15 minute welcome calls and so much more!

"Diane...a strong supporter and motivator to everything human. 👍👍👍"

- - - - - - 

"Diane Bleck I'm not entirely sure what kind of crazy voodoo magic is going on here… but DAMNNNN that vision board is like a freaking UNIVERSE MAGNET… My mind is blown. So insanely blown today. AMAZING."

- - - - - - 

"This is a great program and resources.  Diane is a generous and skilled teacher who will get you past your limiting beliefs about being able to draw."

- - - - - - 

"Thank you so much, Diane! You and the Doodle Friends gave me that extra kick to be braver, more fearless than I've ever been. Much much thanks and gratitude!"

- - - - - - 

"Hola Diane, quiero felicitar por impartir tus conocimientos y experiencias,  mujeres como tù valen y mucho...espero tener la oportunidad de tambièn compartir lo màs sublime de este mundo visual. Abrazos a la distancia."

- - - - - - 

"Beautiful ..I love your work. Keep on going and make the world a more colourful place. Keep sharing your heart with the world."

- - - - - - 

"Diane Bleck's dedication, passion and drive with this work is amazing. You really have and continue to propel the visual industry forward. Im honored to share this journey with you. More than that.. from what I see, you are an amazing mom! Keep shining your light ."

- - - - - - 

"It was a pleasure getting to see you go at it over the past two weeks,
with what must have, at times, seemed to be a mystifying mission. Your eye and your ears and your hand work so beautifully together, and
what comes of them all is truly a miracle and always fun."

- - - - - - 

"Thank you for these gifts Diane Bleck! you share with such an open and generous heart. I love how personal you are with each of your students."

- - - - - - 

"Diane, I am feeling so grateful for you today and for your lessons in the Doodle Institute. "

- - - - - - 

"I know there is so much more I need to learn and practice but one of my daily spiritual practices has been to pull an oracle card (I've been using Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck most recently) and ask for guidance in my day." 

- - - - - - 

"To help me more fully receive the messages, I've been making visuals in my sketchbook. This has been so helpful in comprehending the messages and also helping me to practice my visual vocabulary."

- - - - - - 

"Thank you so much for all you do and for all of your encouragement to all of your students. ❤️"

- - - - - - 

"Looking forward to Diane Bleck and Mike Schlegel training my entire staff on the 18th. I'm just so excited to cap off our employee recognition week with this Epic Training."

- - - - - - 

"Love you and so grateful for you in my life and this beautiful group you put together."

- - - - - - 

"Because of you, Diane Bleck countless Doodle Girl Friends in my cheering section...I have two private FB groups that "I" play conductor of my little but mighty orchestra of art....where I share my heart and show my work."

- - - - - - 

"I am creating every week and letting my journey of creativity unfold...."

- - - - - - 

"Much GRATITUDE over here....❣️❣️❣️"

- - - - - - 

"You guys. Do this! Graphic recording was some of the most fun money I made. Are you aware of what pro graphic recorders can get paid? Doodling is awesome.... learning these skills that Diane takes your into can make you into a 2500$ a day plus doodler. My first gig was a 9k gig!  And there is NO one better to learn from that Diane.   Start where you are and when she offers it.... if you love this work.... do yourself a favor and GO PRO with her private group and coaching."

- - - - - - 

"Terrific session Diane!  I love doodling and drawing on my iPad. The Apple Pencil is definitely a game changer." 

- - - - - - 

"Your electronic doodle course is awesome. I’ve enjoyed it."

- - - - - -

"This week I drew my image that I used on my blog post (for employee benefits). The blog has been accepted by a major online publisher (and he said how much he loves my drawing). The blog post may be viewed by up to 40,000 peoples."

- - - - - - 

"Diane believed in me before I did. And that made all the difference."



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