Hey there! I'm Diane Bleck.

I teach people around the world how to UNLOCK your creativity & SUPERCHARGE your visual thinking

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Hey there! I'm Diane Bleck

Ready to start really to UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY at Home, School & Work? Then you're in the right place.

Let’s Get Started!

The Best Visual Thinkers in History were Doodlers! Are you ready to become one?

Learn how to  draw with easy to follow step-by-step doodle lessons specifically designed to IGNUTE your creativity, BOOST your imagination & SUPERCHARGE your visual thinking..

The History of Doodling

Doodling has been around forever. When you look at the journals of the greatest minds and all the way back to the cave walls, you'll see that humans have communicated with drawings since the beginning of time. You were meant to draw out your ideas, too!

The Power of Doodling

Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply doodling from the kindergarten classroom all the way to the executive board room. Visual Thinking is a powerful tool for innovation, productivity & creativity.

The Future of Doodling

Now more than ever, the world needs visual thinkers! As a student of the Doodle Institute, you will discover the power of putting your pen to paper. All you need to get started is something to write with and something to write on.

Imagine tapping into your visual thinking and all the excitement and accomplishment you feel knowing you can BRING YOUR BIG IDEAS TO LIFE!


How would you feel if people told you all the time that they love your drawings, and they asked if could you to help them with their ideas, too?


Once you know the basics, the possibilities are endless with your visual thinking skills!


You have the ability to become a 

Here is what our students are saying.

...and look at what our students have created!

Three Ways You Can Get Started TODAY!

Become a Member of the Doodle Clubhouse

Hello NEW Doodle Friends! If you are brand new to me and the Doodle Institute, I would recommend you start by joining the Doodle Clubhouse. Every day, you can find a new Daily Doodle Lesson on Instagram to follow along with me and begin to practice your doodling. Inside the Doodle Clubhouse you will find a collection of printable PDFs, step-by-step doodle lessons, coloring pages, activities & so much more!

YES! I want to become a member of the Doodle Clubhouse

Sign Up for DoodleTV Mini Course

A simple online course for parents, teachers, and kids who want to learn how to be creative and doodle WITHOUT knowing how to draw. During these step-by-step doodle lessons, you will Boost your creativity, IGNITE your imagination & SUPERCHARGE your visual thinking!  People from all walks of life are doodling to help them calm down, communicate new ideas, and give structure & meaning to their day. These drawing lessons are perfect for kids of all ages!!!

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Start the Doodle Your Dreams Program

I believe the universe is filled with ideas for each of us. All we need is a MAGIC MARKER to capture them. I created this course to transform how you DOODLE YOUR DREAMS! I promise you will adore this program. What started out as a few online lessons has turned into a complete series of courses designed to UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY & IGNITE YOUR IMAGINATION.

YES! I want to start the Doodle Your Dreams Program!