Imagine tapping into your visual thinking and all the excitement and accomplishment you feel knowing you can BRING YOUR BIG IDEAS TO LIFE!

You will LOVE these step-by-step courses designed to BOOST your creativity, IGNITE your imagination & SUPERCHARGE your visual thinking skills!

Boost your creativity & imagination.

Increase your confidence in drawing.

Bring your ideas to LIFE!

Meet Diane Bleck

Diane is an Artist, Author, Speaker and Founder of the Doodle Institute. She has spent the last 20 years of her career supporting over 350 corporate clients including Nike, Google, TED and Disney, to bring their Big Ideas to Life. She created the Doodle Institute to teach and share her passion with thousands of people around the world, showing them how to embrace the POWER of DOODLING. 

If you’ve keep a journal, draw in your bullet journal or planner, love to draw or did as a kid... this may be the most crazy good course you've ever signed up for online! 

And... just so you know, Diane Bleck's enthusiasm for this work is totally contagious. Once you start doodling with Diane... MAGIC HAPPENS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are designed to give you a foundation if you are a newbie or you have been doodling for years. You will find yourself building your skills and confidence with each lesson you complete. And in no time, you will discover your very own style of doodling.

We recommend starting with 21 Doodle Days so you can learn all the basics first. Each course is designed to build the previous course. And if you are ready to dive in, start with the Doodle Your Dreams Special Offer and SAVE!!

Each of the six online courses for the DOODLE YOUR DREAMS Program includes about 30 videos lessons and printable worksheets. After you complete each course, you can send your portfolio to us and we will review it and send you back a certificate of completion. 

The DOODLE YOUR DREAMS Program includes:

- 21 Doodle Days"
- Sketchbook Basics
- You Can Doodle
- Digital Doodles
- Spirit of Doodles
- Business of Doodles

I highly encourage you to complete them all. The courses are designed to UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY at Home, School and Work. Students who have completed this program have seen a huge transformation in life and some have even gone on to my advanced programs and started their own careers as a Visual Facilitator.

You will have lifetime access to your online course so can enjoy the video lessons at your own pace. We are regularly adding new lessons to the course and they will automatically appear inside your learning modules.

I love Neuland Markers. They are so vibrant, water-based and non-toxic. You can also buy refillable ink and new tips so these markers can last you a lifetime.

They are only available to purchase from Germany. And so yes, you will have to pay shipping.


Yes! As you complete each module of the DOODLE YOUR DREAMS Program, you can submit your creative exercises for review. We will send you detailed feedback as well as issue a Certificate of Completion.


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