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5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Online Store

Have you ever wanted to sell your artwork on products? Me too! And lately, I've been fully committed to learning as much as I can about how to sell products online and make it SUPER EASY.

Since we've been talking about Marchendising this month in the Doodle Girl & Friends Facebook Group, this is the perfect time to share some of what I've learned with you.

Beyond keeping things simple and easy, my greatest fear in selling products online was, "How am I going to manage...

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Make Your Own Stickers - Day 01 of 31 Ideas to Sell Your Doodles

31 Ways to Sell Your Doodles
DAY 01 – Make Your Own Stickers 

Hi Everyone. Welcome! I am so excited to connect with my DOODLE FRIENDS and share with you this mini-lesson on how to make your own stickers super easy! For the month of March, we are focusing on our #Marchendising Daily Doodle Challenge.

Together we are putting pen to paper to DOODLE YOUR DREAMS. What fun products could you create with your doodles to earn extra income?

Are you ready? Let’s get started.



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Can I Make Money Doodling?


I have a lot of students ask me if they can make money doodling. The answer is YES! There are so many ways to share your heart and talent with the world and make money as an artist and creative.

The first thing that happens to most Doodle Institute students is they start to see the benefits of doodling every day and how it impacts their lives.

Then the most exciting thing happens! Since they are sharing their doodles and progress on social media, people start to notice their amazing...

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