Diane Bleck 

A Visual Storyteller
On a Mission to Draw Out Your Big Ideas


"Treat yourself to one of the best professional development talks for your career! Diane is an amazing and engaging presenter."

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Doodling is THINKING! Unlock Your Creativity

Research is showing that doodling can increase your productivity by 40%. During this interactive talk, participants will learn how to combine words, pictures & symbols to help them brainstorm, organize & visualize information.

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What's the BIG IDEA? From Scribbles to Success

The messages contained within your scribbles could literally hold the key to the next big idea and set YOU up for your next promotion! Attendees will walk away knowing how to brainstorm more productively, think more creatively, and refine simple ideas into award-winning solutions you can SEE.

Next time you're bored, go to the WHITEBOARD

Get up from your chair and lead from the whiteboard! Attendees will learn techniques, technology & tools they can use right away to increase engagement, develop winning strategies, and become leaders in transforming their company's culture.

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Are you ready to get started?

Diane is now booking for events in September 2020 & beyond!


About Diane Bleck

Diane is a professional Visual Faciltator & Innovation Strategist with 20 years of experience working with 300+ companies including Nike, Google, Mars and Disney, bringing their big ideas to life. From the stages of Caesars Palace to the most exclusive leadership retreats, Diane has been invited to join the conversation, share her knowledge, and lead teams to success. Her presentations are always fun, interactive, and engaging. She will open your heart and mind to the power of doodling! 

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Podcast Interviews

For interview requests contact: support@doodleinstitute.com