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About The Doodle Institute Co-Founders

The Doodle Institute is on a mission to give everyone permission to explore and express their BIG IDEAS. 


Diane Bleck "The Doodle Girl" & Mike "Muddy" Schlegel 
Drawing Your IDEAS around the World!

Diane Bleck's work has earned her a stellar reputation. She has been a Innovation Strategist, Executive Coach & Graphic Facilitator for almost 20 years. Working with clients like TEDMED, Wired Magazine, Coca-Cola, Consumer Reports and even Google to create "Solutions You Can See." She has completed over 350+ corporate projects in North America, Europe, Canada, Africa and Australia.

In her highly acclaimed strategy sessions, participants can expect to be engaged in a rich process collaborative process to co-create innovative strategies, transform teams, build dynamic work-flows and deliver the ultimate business model. She listens, coaches and understands the complexity of group dynamics to ensure successful outcomes for events, offsites, conferences, meetings and webinars. In a short period of time she can take a team from blue sky thinking to concrete action.

Diane’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious. Accomplishing more in a year than most people do in a lifetime, her energy captivates individuals and groups around the world. Her keen ability to listen, see patterns, assimilate quickly to new information, ask the right questions and above all speak the truth leads to her to continuously be invited to be a part of many executive leadership circles and masterminds.

Mike Schlegel, who usually just goes by his Indian Princess name, “Muddy,” lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and three daughters. Muddy had a distinguished 20-year professional career in water shed planning and water resources management. He specialized in facilitating collaboration and helping diverse stakeholders find agreement to complex regional issues.

In 2014, Muddy had a huge “lightbulb moment” during a graphic facilitation workshop when he realized he’d always been a visual thinker, and so he then set out to learn more. After exploring the full range of training options, he enrolled in The Doodle Institute… and that’s where an awesome collaboration began.

He thrived in the courses and within the online community, and became a champion for visual innovation. His encouraging spirit inspired fellow students, and after completing the courses and becoming a Certified Graphic Facilitator, Diane invited Muddy to become a Co-Instructor at The Doodle Institute. He continued to thrive as a Co-Instructor, and Diane and Muddy brought out the best in each other.

Muddy incorporated what he was learning into his profession life, and began to soar even higher, quickly realizing the incredible impact of using his visual facilitation skills in the business world. He decided to step out in courage and put his visual superpowers to work full time and opened the Whiteboard Academy.

Together they are the Co-Founders of the Doodle Institute and Whiteboard Academy. In 2017, Muddy and Diane became business partners and co-founders in the Whiteboard Academy, where they are using their leadership, creativity and innovation to transform the business world. The Doodle Institute is committed to building Courses, Community and Careers for Visual Thinkers around the WORLD!  

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