Student Spotlights


Ann Leach

The idea of showing up in an Art Gallery to teach doodling might seem like an odd idea to you and it is. When I approached the gallery owner of XX Gallery that is just what I proposed. "How about during your next art opening, I have a table in the corner with some markers and cards and invite some of the guests to doodle with me?" After the initial reaction faded, Scott, the owner of XX Gallery began to warm up to the idea. His first question which I totally understand was, "Won't this take away from the experience of people coming to see the artwork in the gallery." I mean right, this artwork is done by a professional. And what was I thinking showing up with some markers to "Doodle". But every idea, piece of music, life-saving drug starts as an idea, a sketch a doodle. And what better way to invite people to engage more with the artwork in the gallery than by having people doodle. I started by asking a simple question, "What are your hopes and dreams?" As we sit here in this gallery with this amazing art that started as a dream, what dreams do you have. At first people were a little nervous and then they warmed up. And eventually people started to gather around. and we talked, laughed and doodled for three hours together. The owner of the gallery came up to me after and said, "Wow, that was the most engaged people have been during an art opening in a long time. Yes, we have people come and they ask a few questions, but this time people were even more interested int he story of the artwork and the artists. And they stayed even longer so I really feel like I got to meet a few more people who might eventually become art collectors down the road but what I saw that really blew me away was that they became art lovers today. And you just can't ask for a better outcome than that. It truly is powerful to see how the simple act of doodling can open people up to a whole new world.

Christine Summers

When I first found Diane I was mesmerized at how simple and easy her doodles were, but never thought that I could draw. She kept saying put pen to paper, and finally after watching her on Periscope for two months I did just that. I was never a doodler when I was young, but as I got older I enjoyed coloring with my children. I love to learn and thought it would be fun to draw pictures with my kids, so I decided to sign up for her class in December of 2015.

The classes are so easy to follow along with and I felt like Diane was sitting in my living room with me. Having three kids I needed something I could do at my own pace and appreciate that the lessons are short.
I started having my 8 year old draw with me and that time became priceless. As I became more confident in my doodles I started sharing more and more. I expected to learn how to draw, but I never expected to connect with others and myself during this process.

Doodling has changed my life and I am now enrolled in the Mastermind group; Doodle for Dollars. I have launched a business in visual storytelling and have never been more comfortable in my own skin as I am now. I use doodles to communicate, share stories, help my kids study for school, in my home school, my planner, special notes for loved ones and friends, the list is endless. The community Diane has created, The Doodle Girl and Friends is a place to learn and connect in a safe welcoming environment.

Diane is not only a teacher, mentor and leader, but she is a friend to all. If your considering taking one or all of the classes be prepared that you will learn so much more then just how to doodle. It has become a life changing process to put pen to paper!

Melaine, Bradley & Riley D'Cruze

The Doodle Institute founded and led by Diane Bleck has impacted our lives by making us better thinkers, learners, creators, problem solvers and doers. The transformation of us as a family going from just verbal to more visual beings is greatly attributed to Diane, who's openness and generosity has influenced our day to day activities. From to-do lists, chore charts, learning/studying, family plans/events to professional application-everything is thought out in ink. We have been empowered with a set wonderful tools and we will always use these to doodle our dreams, lives and experiences . Thank you Diane Bleck!


Sarah Jane Bratchell

As a art teacher in public education for the last 14 plus years, I can say that the knowledge and practice I’ve experienced through Diane Bleck and The Doodle Institute have not only helped me to cultivate my daily creative practice, but also provided the catalyst I needed to design units of study around the art of doodling.  These units provide a very accessible and open entryway for seventh graders who are so often intimated by the misconception that the creative process is only for a select few.  Additionally through my new found understanding of the benefits of doodling on the body/mind/spirit, I have been able to  further incorporate mindfulness doodling with groups of underserved children in alternative settings which ultimately brought them peace, joy, and creative connection.  The Doodle Institute has unearthed my creative heart so that I can share it with my students as well as our global community!


Christine Bennett

I'm a personal trainer by trade, but I'm also a proud doodler! Thanks to the Doodle Institute, I have been able to regain and strengthen my creative muscle.

In my younger years, I loved drawing and being creative, although I never considered it as being part of my career path. Although I scribbled and doodled in my notebooks at my various corporate jobs, I think most people saw it as a response to boredom or lack of attention. So I tried to keep it at a minimum.

When I changed career paths to follow my love of fitness, doodling wasn't an activity that was on my radar, until I found Diane Bleck on Periscope. Little did I know, her doodling would encourage me to pick up a marker again. I signed up for her online courses, and immediately became a regular participant in doodling.

Doodling has done a lot for me.
- It helped me find an activity for creative release.
- It has enabled me to communicate with my clients in a fun & creative way.
- It has also pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. (I can't believe I published my own doodle coloring book)!
- If it wasn't for Diane, I would not have discovered so much about myself, my abilities and the value of doodling in everyday life.

Thank you Doodle Institute for providing me with a spring board to insight & imagination! And thank you for creating an amazing online community of doodlers. I am forever grateful! #doodlefriendsforever

Sheryl M.

I discovered doodling on a social media platform called periscope which let's you do live videos.  I watched a live scope video on doodling and I was very intrigued.  I went to the website called The Discovery Doodles by Diane Bleck and that was when it all began.  I was consumed with watching her live periscope videos daily and began to doodle every day.  I loved doodling because it brought out something in me that was dormant for years.  As a child I used to draw and enjoyed it so much it became my place of peace and a way to express my dreams and thoughts into paper.  And then life got in the way and my drawing stopped.  What doodling did for me was it opened my heart to what I enjoyed as a child, which was drawing.  Doodling lets me express who I am on paper and because of that I joined the Doodle Institute to learn more.  I am so grateful for Diane and the doodling she brings to life in all of us that are in her presence.  Doodling is not just putting your pen to paper, it's a way of life that comes alive in each of us.  From the bottom of my heart Diane Bleck thank you ever so much...  I will never stop doodling with much love.