Dream Journals

The MAGIC of putting pen to paper to capture your ideas, insights and inspirations.

I designed this course to share more about my life long practice of keep a journal filled with ideas, insights and inspirations..

This is a very special practice that I have kept to myself until recently. As some of you know, I broadcast regularly on Periscope. And on occasion, I have shared a sneak peek into the current Dream Journal I am working on. And on even some rarer occasions, I have actually created a page LIVE.

After hearing so many people say, "This is exactly what I needed to see today." I decided to follow my heart and create a course to share even more of my journal pages with you. But that is not all...my hope is to teach you more about my practice in the hopes that you will create a Dream Journal too.

In this mini course you will:

  • DISCOVER the world of DOODLING in your journal
  • LEARN a Unique Journaling Style that allows you to tap into your deepest INSIGHTS, INTENTIONS & INSPIRATIONS
  • UNDERSTAND why it’s important to CONNECT PEN TO PAPER to open you Heart Channel.
  • DEVELOP a daily practice for processing your Hopes & Dreams