Digital Doodles

This course is all about how to make your original drawings sparkle. And we will explore all the ways you can doodle on iPads, Wacom Tablets and more!

We often get asked, "How do I make my pictures not look grainy, pixelated and gray". You want your art to shine and therefore we have some great shortcuts to help you get your work nice and clean. But there is more, did you know you can take a doodle you have drawn on paper and make it electronic, even an illustration or infographic? We are going to show you the tools you will need to take your doodles to the next level and while we are at it - we should show you how to make a doodle video too. Videos are so popular right now for sharing big, complex ideas in very simple ways. We will show you how you can use an iPad, a video camera and some editing equipment to make fun, simple videos of your doodles in motion.

During this course your will:

- Understand how to clean your doodles for sharing them.
- Transfer your doodle skills onto iPads and Tablets.
- Develop your doodles into illustrations and infographics.
- Create simple, colorful doodles in motion.
- Build the skill of doodling on wacoms for webinars.

Digital Doodles Course Syllabus:

Video 01: Welcome
Video 02: Clean Your Doodles
Video 03: Share Your Doodles

Video 01: Digital Doodles
Video 02: iPad Programs
Video 03: Drawing on an iPad

Video 01: Pulling It Together
Video 02: Illustrations
Video 03: Infographics

Video 01: What About Videos
Video 02: Making Videos
Video 03: Production of Videos

Video 01: Working Virtually
Video 02: Wacoms & Webinars
Video 03: Webinars

Video 01: Three P's
Video 02: Power Point, Products & Print
Video 03: Spirit of Doodles