21 Doodle Days

Learn to doodle in 21 easy-to-follow lessons which teach you how to draw. From basic shapes to lines, patterns, and bullets. Bring your ideas to life!

This course includes a series of online videos with printable worksheets to guide you step-by-step through the course and begin to unlock your creativity. Once you master these basic doodle lessons you will start to see all the creative ways you can use doodling at Home, School & Work.

We have heard thousands of people say, “I can’t draw.” You CAN. We believe you can and we will show you how. Once you know the basics, there are literally hundreds of ways you can apply it from early childhood, elementary and secondary school and well into your adult life. From infancy to industry, doodling has practical and powerful applications. Mathematicians and scientists use doodles to explain complex theories and equations. Business people use doodles to map business plans and strategies. Across the globe, people from all walks of life are doodling to help them communicate – to give visual representation and meaning to their ideas and to help others.

Upon completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:
• Understand the basics of drawing
• Increase your confidence in your ability to doodle
• Acquire a visual vocabulary
• Tap their hidden pool of creativity
• Use visual tools to create richer learning
• Add meaning to your notes

• Engage in a new way of learning
• Boost Your Creativity
• Enhance Your Ability to Simplify Complex Concepts
• Increase Idea Generation
• Accelerate Understanding
• Expand Your Toolkit of Products and Services
• Connect your heart and mind to your insights, inspirations and intentions

Here is what is included in the course:

  • 21 Video Lessons (less than 5 minutes each!)
  • 21 Doodle Days Printable Lessons
  • Printable 21 Doodle Days Visual Learning Workbook
  • 5 Articles about the Power of Visual Learning 

SPECIAL BONUS: Printable Mini Doodle Lesson Cards

Diane is a professional Graphic Facilitator with 20 years of experience working with 300+ companies including Nike, Google, Mars and Disney, bringing their big ideas to life. From the stages of Caesars Palace to the most exclusive leadership retreats, Diane has been invited to join the conversation, share her knowledge, and lead teams to success. Her presentations are always fun, interactive, and engaging. She will open your heart and mind to the power of doodling.



"I'm a secretary in a public school and I added a small whiteboard in the front office to greet students and families."

"I teach first grade dual language and use doodles to support creativity, strengthen fine motor skills and engage in learning."

"I like to doodle at my church sermons. It helps me to listen."

"I'm a third grade teacher and Diane's doodle directions help make my charts more appealing to my students."

"Doodling helps me go to the next level of creative thinking."

"I am a business manager and I use doodles for team building exercises with my team."

"Both of my children loved this course and watching the videos with me."

"I just started your program and I am already seeing how I can use these lessons to encourage doodling during our Morning Connection program. A place where they get to eat breakfast, connect with an adult and start their day right."