21 Doodle Days

Learn to doodle in 21 easy to follow lessons to teach you how to draw. From basic shapes to lines, patterns and bullets. Bring your ideas to life.

Diane Bleck is on a mission to unlock creativity at home, school and work. For the past 20 years she has been teaching people how to doodle to create learning solutions for companies large and small. 

Recently she was invited to teach a doodle course in her daughter's 7th Grade classroom. This has become a yearly tradition for her family. At the end of the class, a student raised their hand and said, "I wish you come into our classroom every day to teach us."

And so Diane got an idea to build a course that was designed for just that. A series of videos where she could teach doodling in schools and homes around the world.

After decades of hearing, “I don’t know what to draw or I wish I had a tool to get me started.” Now you do!

She had so much fun making the #21DoodleDays Challenge. This course has been designed so that as many people as possible could join in and get started on their own, with their children and even their students. 

Almost everyone knows how to doodle or what doodling is? Did you know that doodling can be applied to everything from early childhood, to maps and models, math and science, business and technology as well as exploring your inner most hopes and dreams. If you’re like most people, you think you draw like a five year old. Probably because the last time you drew you were five. This series of workbooks and online workshop takes you step-by-step through the basics of drawing through to using doodles to discover the world around you.

Upon completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:

• Understand the basics of drawing
• Increase your confidence in your ability to doodle
• Acquire a visual vocabulary
• Tap their hidden pool of creativity
• Use visual tools to create richer learning
• Add meaning to your notes

• Engage in a new way of learning
• Boost Your Creativity
• Enhance Your Ability to Simplify Complex Concepts
• Increase Idea Generation
• Accelerate Understanding
• Expand Your Toolkit of Products and Services
• Connect your heart and mind to your insights, inspirations and intentions

• Trainers
• Health Care Professionals
• Managers
• Industry Leaders
• Consultants
• Healers
• Coaches
• Technologists
• Designers

• Teachers (Public and Private)
• Homeschoolers
• Principals
• School Board Members
• School Administrators
• Policy Makers
• Museums

• Parents
• Aunts & Uncles
• Grandparents
• Elementary School Students
• Secondary School Students
• College Students

Here is what is in the course:

  • 21 Video Lessons (less than 5 minutes each!)
  • 21 Doodle Days Printable Lessons
  • Printable Visual Learning Workbook
  • 5 Articles about the Power of Visual Learning


So grab a pen, some paper and your
21 Doodle Day Visual Learning Workbook 
and let's get started!