You Can Doodle

You will build on the basics of doodling to understand more about the history of drawing. Once you know the history, you can define, build, enhance or create your own personal style.

Everyone has a visual pattern language of how they tell a story. In this course, you will dive into lessons on the history, practice and theory of visual learning. We will explore the many ways that stories have been captured over the centuries and look at how story impacted your own life and childhood. Then we will break down the mechanics of doodling and drawing to understand the different ways you can doodle for various audiences. The course will include assignments to enhance your ability to draw on just about anything and we will discuss all the types of tools you can use to build your own unique toolkit of markers, pens, pastels and paper.

During this course you will:

- Learn the history of doodling and sharing stories.
- Understand the magic and power of the way you doodle.
- Play with some creative ways you can layout a page.
- Build your own visual vocabulary.
- Discover all the tools available to you for doodling.

You Can Doodle Course Syllabus:

Video 01: Welcome
Video 02: The History of Doodling
Video 03: Sharing Your Stories

Video 01: Children's Books
Video 02: Inspiration Station
Video 03: Defining Your Style

Video 01: Drawing for Your
Video 02: Why Doodle
Video 03: Defining Your Audience

Video 01: What Do I Draw?
Video 02: Visual Vocabulary - Part 1
Video 03: Visual Vocabulary - Part 2

Video 01: Laying Out the Page - Part 1
Video 02: Laying Out the Page - Part 1
Video 03: Drawing for Impact

Video 01: Creating a Doodle Studio
Video 02: The Ultimate Doodle Kit
Video 03: Ready for Electronic Doodles

Resources | Toolkit
Video: You Can Doodle
Printable PDF: You Can Doodle eBook