Spirit of Doodles

As a creative person, you it is important to stay in tune with the energy in the environment around you. This course is about importance of self-care and daily routines.

When you are a creative person, you are also probably sensitive to the energy in the environment around you. It took us years to understand the impact this had on our mind, body and spirit. This module is designed to share with you more about what creative energy is, how to use it at it’s fullest and how to protect it when you are exposed to so many environments that might even be toxic. We have worked on building your physical toolkit for building your business, now let’s take some time and build your spiritual toolkit for success.

During this course your will:

- Learn more about the energy around you.
- Understand how we all receive universal downloads.
- Define the boundaries needed for your creative container.
- Dive into extreme self care of your mind, body and spirit.
- Create rituals to help you ride the waves of creativity.
- Develop a dynamic checklist for travel.

Spirit of Doodles Course Syllabus:

Video 01: Welcome
Video 02: Energy Around You
Video 03: Inside Your Creative Heart

Video 01: Channeling Creativity
Video 02: Vision Prep Board
Video 03: Ultimate Vision Board

Video 01: Daily Practice
Video 02: Doodle Challenges
Video 03: Inspiration Posters

Video 01: Your Strengths
Video 02: Your Energy
Video 03: Extreme Self-Care

Video 01: Creative Mind
Video 02: The Gremlins
Video 03: Rainbows & Unicorns

Video 01: Meditation
Video 02: Regular Rituals
Video 03: Business of Doodles