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Business of Doodles

Ready to start developing a business model around your doodles. But where do you start? What is your plan? How big do you want to grow?

 Deciding to make a leap into building a business around “doodling for dollars” can be quite overwhelming. We know because we have made the career leap over and over every year for almost twenty years and we want to help. In this module, we will share as much as we can to accelerate your leap into this field. We begin by understanding your strengths and niche in this ever growing market. Then you will create a business model and plan for growth. Once you know that, you can develop a plan for launching the new YOU, build a community of support around your work and step into the success of developing, building and expanding your own business.


Session Objectives:
- Define your purpose, passion, mission and vision.   
- Understand more about what you bring to the market.   
- Explore how you can grow your business.   
- Build the roadmap for the next version of YOU!   
- Discover the power of knowing your true self.